Bill Yake’s Waymaking by Moonlight: New and Selected Poems
, Reviewed by Vivian Wagner

Bill Yake Waymaking by Moonlight: New and Selected Poems Empty Bowl Reviewer: Vivian Wagner Bill Yake’s Waymaking by Moonlight is a collection of poems exploring the interrelatedness of people, culture, and wilderness. Ultimately, the poems describe a continuum between humans and the natural world, suggesting that they cannot be extricated from each other. Divided into […]

Julie E. Bloemeke’s Slide to Unlock, Reviewed by Vivian Wagner

Julie E. Bloemeke Slide to Unlock Sibling Rivalry Press Reviewer: Vivian Wagner Julie E. Bloemeke’s Slide to Unlock is a collection focused on the powers of technology to connect people and to create distance between them. From phones to cameras to writing itself, the technologies referenced in these poems promise an elusive union, even as […]

Malaika King Albrecht’s The Stumble Fields, Reviewed by Vivian Wagner

Malaika King Albrecht The Stumble Fields Main Street Rag Publishing Company Reviewer: Vivian Wagner The Stumble Fields, a new collection of poetry by Malaika King Albrecht, is about life and death and everything in between. These poems explore how we inhabit the earth and how we can find our way to grace and beauty, even […]

Adele Kenny’s Wind Over Stones, Reviewed by Vivian Wagner

Adele Kenny Wind Over Stones Welcome Rain Publishers Reviewer: Vivian Wagner Wind Over Stones is a remarkable collection of ekphrastic prose poems by Adele Kenny exploring mortality, loss, and joy. At the bottom of each poem’s page there’s a QR code leading to the artwork that inspired the poem, and this design proves a creative […]

Barbara Ungar’s Save Our Ship, Reviewed by Vivian Wagner

Barbara Ungar Save Our Ship The Ashland Poetry Press Reviewer: Vivian Wagner Impending apocalypses of various kinds—personal, cultural, and environmental—thread through Barbara Ungar’s new poetry collection, Save Our Ship. The etymological root of “apocalypse” means to uncover or reveal, and this collection underscores that at the heart of all apocalypses is both a heartbreaking sense […]