Leila Chatti’s Deluge, Reviewed by Maria Rouphail

Leila Chatti Deluge Copper Canyon Press Reviewer: Maria Rouphail I collect words like pearls, roll them over my tongue, relish / the sounds they make, knowing they do not / serve me.   “Awrah” By today’s standards, Leila Chatti’s Deluge more than makes the cut. Ethnic and religious identity. Gender and sexuality. The interrogation of societal […]

Matthew Mumber’s In the Awakening Season, Reviewed by Maria Rouphail

Matthew Mumber In the Awakening Season Leapfolio Press Reviewer: Maria Rouphail As I write in mid-November, Americans are witnessing the unprecedented spectacle of a sitting President refusing to concede his defeat in what his own US Department of Homeland Security has deemed the most fair and free election in American history. This same President has […]

Kristen Case’s Principles of Economics, Reviewed by Maria Rouphail

Kristen Case Principles of Economics Switchback Books Reviewer: Maria Rouphail In Principles of Economics, Kristen Case explores the personal dimensions of grief stemming from the deaths of her father (a prominent economics professor who succumbed to Parkinson’s disease) and, apparently, an unidentified beloved.[i] This collection is ambitious and substantial. And Case clearly has talent. In […]

Rachel Dacus’s Arabesque, Reviewed by Maria Rouphail

Rachel Dacus Arabesque FutureCycle Press Reviewer: Maria Rouphail Rachel Dacus’s Arabesque brings to mind the old maxim, ut pictura poesis (“as in painting, so in poetry”). Formulated by Horace as something of a touchstone for evaluating the arts, the analogy was invoked rather unsystematically in later Western art and poetry. It also came to suggest […]

Andrea Hollander’s Blue Mistaken for Sky, Reviewed by Maria Rouphail

Andrea Hollander Blue Mistaken for Sky Autumn House Press Reviewer: Maria Rouphail Let me confess (to my chagrin) that before I was invited to submit this review of Blue Mistaken for Sky (forthcoming from Pittsburgh’s Autumn House Press), I’d never read the work of award-winning poet, Andrea Hollander. Let me also confess that having sat […]