George Wallace – Money to Burn

Money to Burn No man is ever alone who possesses an appetite for unreality, a comfortable manner among strangers, & money to burn. Blessed is he who walks into a bar at the edge of oblivion handing out five dollar bills. For we shall call him a prince among men.         George […]

George Wallace – Hauling Coal in Paradise

Hauling Coal in Paradise you demanded it of us, you shaped our tongues to it, to work it thus, this is our language we know no other, being obedient & hard-working & patriotic you laid it on us, with jingles & charms, threatened denied cajoled, you & your agents, you hooked us with it, pulled […]

Alan Semerdjian’s and Aram Bajakian’s The Serpent and the Crane, Reviewed by George Wallace

Alan Semerdjian and Aram Bajakian The Serpent and the Crane (Spoken word with music) Funded by an Armenian General Benevolent Union Performing Arts Grant and a Creative Armenia Spark Grant Reviewer: George Wallace If collaborative performance is a horserace, then Alan Semerdjian goes trifecta with his ambitious new project The Serpent and the Crane, a […]

George Wallace’s One Hundred Years Among the Daisies, Reviewed by David E. Poston

George Wallace One Hundred Years Among the Daisies Stubborn Mule Press Reviewer: David E. Poston One Hundred Years Among the Daisies is a 138-page incantation. I read much of it aloud, pulled along by its “voluptuous doxologies,” by the sheer hypnotism of the phrases and endless sweep of the lines. Alternately consoling and challenging, lyrical […]

George Wallace’s A Simple Blues with a Few Intangibles, Reviewed by Lee Rossi

George Wallace A Simple Blues with a Few Intangibles Foothill Publishing Reviewer: Lee Rossi For nearly thirty years, George Wallace has been a mainstay of the New York / Long Island poetry scene. Performer, publisher, and literary activist, he carries on the tradition of Whitman and the Beats, striving heroically to counter the culture’s neglect […]