Alison Stone’s Ordinary Magic, Reviewed by David E. Poston

Alison Stone Ordinary Magic NYQ Books Reviewer: David E. Poston Antoine Court de Gebelin claimed the tarot was all that survived of the Egyptian Book of Thoth, though it more likely began as a curiously illustrated deck invented for the medieval Italian game of tarocchi. The dozens of different sets of tarot illustrations occupy a […]

Tim Suermondt’s Election Night and the Five Satins, Reviewed by David E. Poston

Tim Suermondt Election Night and the Five Satins Glass Lyre Press Reviewer: David E. Poston Perhaps Tim Suermondt would have us believe he is a luftmensch. The poem “Luftmensch” describes a character who is like a miracle unaware of its gift. He kept moving, showing up anywhere, at any time. He could be in your […]