Beth Copeland’s Blue Honey, Reviewed by Cindy Hochman

Beth Copeland Blue Honey The Broadkill River Press Reviewer: Cindy Hochman In Beth Copeland’s award-winning collection Blue Honey, the Greek goddess of memory, Mnemosyne, hovers protectively, safeguarding the poet’s own recollection as she documents her parents’ progressively dwindling recall. Told in narratives that are both straightforward and imaginative (many of them in couplet form, as […]

Tyree Daye’s River Hymns, Reviewed by Cindy Hochman

Tyree Daye River Hymns The American Poetry Review/Honickman First Book Prize 2017 Reviewer: Cindy Hochman My mama would say to kill a cricket is a sin against the night. —Tyree Daye, “Tamed” There’s something about the work of Southern writers that sticks to the soul. Maybe it’s the sultry air, or the oppressive weather generating […]

Amanda J. Bradley’s Queen Kong, Reviewed by Cindy Hochman

Amanda J. Bradley Queen Kong NYQ Books Reviewer: Cindy Hochman Between dolls and dalliance, I begin to realize my body can be a weapon, can be violated, can be impregnated, can make me strong or weak.  —“Fourteen” Even before your mind seizes on the heroic aspects of the comic-book cover of Mrs. Kong as a […]

Ian Ganassi’s Mean Numbers, Reviewed by Cindy Hochman

Ian Ganassi Mean Numbers China Grove Press/IsoLibris Publishing Reviewer: Cindy Hochman And now for something completely different… Perhaps in the Age of Trump, we have become all too accustomed to non sequiturs. The difference, however, between the president’s non sequiturs and Ian Ganassi’s is that the poet’s seemingly disconnected lines are actually an exercise in […]

Marylen Grigas’s SHIFT, Reviewed by Cindy Hochman

Marylen Grigas SHIFT Nature’s Face Publications Reviewer: Cindy Hochman “My father of flummox gave me flummox.” —Marylen Grigas, “At My Father’s Desk” Stitch together an expansive mind full of endless questions; a fascination with the scientific deconstruction of cells and art; imagination born of an asthmatic child, with a nod to pediatrician-poet William Carlos Williams; […]