Judy Kronenfeld’s Bird Flying through the Banquet, Reviewed by Ann Wehrman

Judy Kronenfeld Bird Flying through the Banquet FutureCyclePress Reviewer: Ann Wehrman Upon reading and rereading Judy Kronenfeld’s 2017 collection, Bird Flying through the Banquet, as a Western female poet writing today, I recognized more than an esteemed colleague. Kronenfeld’s poems, in their deep centeredness, stillness, and fearless reach, reveal a teacher and a pioneer. At […]

Mary Dezember’s Still Howling, Reviewed by Ann Wehrman

Mary Dezember Still Howling CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform Reviewer: Ann Wehrman It takes courage for a modern, intellectual, female poet to oppose current literary style and write serious poems that speak of the bright, glowing, soft topics: love, angels, and sacred sexuality—topics of “light,” hope, and virtue. One might ask: where are the angst, the […]

Donna Spector’s Two Worlds, Reviewed by Ann Wehrman

Donna Spector Two Worlds Kelsay Books/Aldrich Press Reviewed by: Ann Wehrman In her 2016 collection, Two Worlds, playwright and poet Donna Spector reads her world nakedly, sans attachments, only to return scrutiny to herself, asking, “This is a place of non-desire, I know, / but how can it be when I want / now to […]