Jen Karetnick’s The Burning Where Breath Used to Be, Reviewed by Ann Wehrman

Jen Karetnick The Burning Where Breath Used to Be David Robert Books Reviewer: Ann Wehrman In her 2020 collection, The Burning Where Breath Used to Be, Jen Karetnick escorts the reader through inner and outer worlds, personal and public. Writing with deep perception, irony, wit, compassion, and righteous fire, Karetnick spins a web of brilliant, […]

Barbara Novack’s Dancing on the Rim of Light, Reviewed by Ann Wehrman

Barbara Novack Dancing on the Rim of Light Blue Light Press Reviewer: Ann Wehrman In Dancing on the Rim of Light, Barbara Novack captures and challenges her readers with seemingly modest poetry that reveals unexpected depth and meaning. Using down-to-earth language, readily accessible images, and references from daily life, Novack wields fearless, abstract poems that […]

Tim Suermondt’s Josephine Baker Swimming Pool, Reviewed by Ann Wehrman

Tim Suermondt Josephine Baker Swimming Pool MadHat Press Reviewer: Ann Wehrman Although much of North America still struggles with forbidding cold and ice-bound sidewalks, on the West Coast, where this review is being written, spring arrived in February this year. Ridiculously early, flowers budded, ornamental trees filled the air with white blossoms like confetti, and […]

Mehnaz Sahibzada’s My Gothic Romance, Reviewed by Ann Wehrman

Mehnaz Sahibzada My Gothic Romance Finishing Line Press Reviewer: Ann Wehrman In My Gothic Romance, Mehnaz Sahibzada explores perceptions of personal experiences and relationships through confessional, lyrical, and narrative poems. The 2019 collection is structured in two parts, “Dark” (twenty-eight poems) and “Light” (thirty-five poems). True to life, the poems divert subtly from their assigned […]

Heather H. Thomas’s Vortex Street, Reviewed by Ann Wehrman

Heather H. Thomas Vortex Street FutureCycle Press Reviewer: Ann Wehrman Exploring Heather H. Thomas’s 2018 poetry collection Vortex Street, one stumbles into a dappled forest’s clearing where an ageless woman in a flowing, floral skirt and bright silk blouse, black hair glowing down her back, smiles and beckons one into her wagon. Every surface has […]