Chanel Brenner’s Smile or else, Reviewed by Ann Wehrman

Chanel Brenner Smile or else Press 53 Reviewer: Ann Wehrman Chanel Brenner’s collection, Smile or else, which won the 2021 Press 53 Award for Poetry, includes the poem, “Facebook Post: Mother Son Hike at Solstice Canyon: 183 Likes.” Composed in alternating lines of regular then italicized font, the poem contrasts the author’s rhapsodic perceptions during […]

Chocolate Waters’ Muddying the Holy Waters, Reviewed by Ann Wehrman

Chocolate Waters Muddying the Holy Waters Eggplant Press Reviewer: Ann Wehrman Chocolate Waters’ Muddying the Holy Waters underscores the relevance of her unique first name, a nickname from childhood. Waters offers direct, mature poems about love and life that crack open the reader’s heart with their honesty and, ultimately, satisfy and warm like a cup […]

Alexis Rhone Fancher’s Erotic: New & Selected, Reviewed by Ann Wehrman

Alexis Rhone Fancher Erotic: New & Selected NYQ Books Reviewer: Ann Wehrman Erotic: New & Selected showcases eighty poems by Alexis Rhone Fancher, accompanied by her original photography. Reflecting on erotic experiences as an adult and reaching back into girlhood, the narrative and prose poems chronicle passionate encounters and relationships in vignettes that sizzle with […]

Lynn Levin’s The Minor Virtues, Reviewed by Ann Wehrman

Lynn Levin The Minor Virtues Ragged Sky Press Reviewer: Ann Wehrman Crafted with lyrical rhythm and internal rhyme, Lynn Levin’s poems in The Minor Virtues sing of hope, faith, goodness, and humility. The speaker’s tone remains steady: calm, philosophical, and sometimes whimsical. The poems are never kitschy; language and style are always refined, light, and […]

Jen Karetnick’s The Burning Where Breath Used to Be, Reviewed by Ann Wehrman

Jen Karetnick The Burning Where Breath Used to Be David Robert Books Reviewer: Ann Wehrman In her 2020 collection, The Burning Where Breath Used to Be, Jen Karetnick escorts the reader through inner and outer worlds, personal and public. Writing with deep perception, irony, wit, compassion, and righteous fire, Karetnick spins a web of brilliant, […]