William Greenway – Quarantines

Quarantines                    i Imagine the media coverage of the Black Death, whole families boarded up to die inside, the comic bring-out-your-dead carts, cameras on location by the mass graves, Shakespeare, the Globe closed, Lear televised to the yokels. Tired of YouTube, my bored daughter draws over and over stick figures with straw hair like the thatch […]

Francesca Bell’s Bright Stain, Reviewed by Cindy Hochman

Francesca Bell Bright Stain Red Hen Press Reviewer: Cindy Hochman The first poem in Francesca Bell’s sophisticated and street-wise collection Bright Stain begins, like any coming-of-age story worth its salt, with reluctant innocence. Little mouse, lying white on your side like a child in a christening dress— … but snake isn’t interested. … refusing to […]

Florence Weinberger – Inspiration

Inspiration             Magnetism, she claims             is the source             of her inspiration. Our earth’s a gravid rock that begs             to be pierced. Perceived.             Confessed back to itself. She gives it her mothered tongue             dips its grudges, stropped cleavers,             embers of dark inheritance into a potion made of potent odes and madrigals.             Ejecting its dead clichés             its random […]

Stefan Lovasik’s Absolution, Reviewed by George Drew

Stefan Lovasik Absolution Main Street Rag Reviewer: George Drew Stefan Lovasik’s Absolution is ostensibly about war, in his case the Vietnam War, its social and cultural ramifications and the resultant war within, its playing out over time emotionally and spiritually. And about war it is, especially in the first and second of its three sections: […]

Perry Janes – The Tower

The Tower           i. Long Island, 1905. Construction of Tesla’s crown jewel, Wardenclyffe Tower, grinds to a halt as costs exceed their budget. TIME Magazine reports Always someone wanting it all and losing it. Isn’t that right? Let me begin again: Welcome to Tesla’s Million Dollar Folly! It is another gray New York day and the […]