DeAnna Stephens – Matrilineal

Matrilineal The candor of these mountains will fracture your footing. Flux of memory sways in the excavator’s cradle— spring grass and bluets choking beneath the rich earth. My darling, your baby teeth will outlast you. Your mother’s grandmother pondered smothering the fires she lit in her summer kitchen’s cranky black heart, yet she fed that […]

Phillip Sterling – The Miracle of the Hands

The Miracle of the Hands The children receive an unexpected box in the mail. It’s marzipan, molded in the shape of an eighty-two-year-old hand. Their parents are astonished; they open another bottle of Bordeaux, mix up a batch of waffles. To be fair, says the father, each child will get a finger, and the thumb […]

Mary Buchinger – Earth Gates (the rock)

Earth Gates (the rock)            in the corner of my garden                      a rock the size of a human pelvis soft-edged double-handed grey w/ a charcoal grey stripe                           levitates              above a lace of                kernelled soil curious               I lift the rock &         discover a circus of glossy bubbled beings          a […]

Farnaz Fatemi – We Want Things We Say We Don’t

We Want Things We Say We Don’t   he carried the tomato plant around looking for her even the snow geese are quiet the world is a handful of dust even as a young man, his true self was never below the surface cardamom tea in a pint glass absolute attention is prayer the rush […]

Cynthia Good – El Farallón

El Farallón        … a rock-like formation in the high part or cleft        that protrudes into the sea, near a coast …             —Definición De Etimología The horizon is kerosene—It is my skin Flayed to bone. It is a tangerine carrot Separating day from night. This is the same Water I prayed to as a girl before […]