Dan Encarnacion – Saint

Saint An infielder’s glove webbing shoe-laced weathered                stiff as This diner slag’s Tuesday smile—lost, its boldness           the seared- In signature Ron Santo. Sunnyside-up                were the Cubbies in ’69 then broke the yolk—                 yellow bleeding sopped by thin Toast, hash                            browns limp in greased sleep, sausages Shivered. Overcocked. We had cheered                      as long as my Brother could bear the pain.                   Wanted to be […]

Marc Frazier’s Each Things Touches,
Reviewed by Richard Allen Taylor

Marc Frazier Each Thing Touches Glass Lyre Press ISBN: 978-1-941783-07-8 Reviewer: Richard Allen Taylor   Most poetry collections have a poem near the beginning that gives the reader clues on how to read the book. Each Thing Touches by Chicago poet Marc Frazier has at least two. The prologue poem, “After,” opens with “I heard […]

Richard Broderick’s Jesus of Walmart,
Reviewed by George Wallace

Richard Broderick Jesus of Walmart New York Quarterly Books ISBN: 978-1-63045-019-9 Reviewer: George Wallace   One might wonder, given a title like Jesus of Walmart, what kind of admixture of commentary poet Richard Broderick is going to offer concerning the presence of the sacred and the profane in contemporary American society. What immediately comes to […]

Candace Pearson – Aubade: Again

Aubade: Again Darling, all night I have been flickering, off, on, off, on. —Sylvia Plath Good morning friend      faithful one still here with me Last night you came to visit                                                once more and through the wakened and wakening hours                       wouldn’t stop whispering                       and here you are                                                again            or you never left    so            insistent on loyalty    […]

Lynn Schmeidler – The Moment a Husband Stops Being a Husband and Starts Being a Black and White Photograph of a Husband

The Moment a Husband Stops Being a Husband and Starts Being a Black and White Photograph of a Husband You were imagining little mountains         in the soap bubbles in the bathroom sink all summer long and you forgot you were a leopard,                    meant to spot everything.                                                 More darkness every day. You wouldn’t know when, exactly, […]