Lev Mirov – The Doorway

The Doorway The water is cold, up to my neck. Like Virginia, my pockets are full of black stones. I bend my knees, and I am six again; holding my breath in the swimming pool to see how long I last, staring up at the upside down world underneath water the sky as green as […]

S.Marie LaFata-Clay – Animal Lisa’s Guide to Getting Sober

Animal Lisa’s Guide to Getting Sober Write it down & pretend it is fiction. Read it to a campfire from a safe distance like my father the urban legend last seen on a night much like this as a kerosene soaked match humming against an oil drum beating my mother with his skull because matches […]

Emily Linstrom – Only Aria

Only Aria The night he died I dreamed of Baroque cathedrals, a heaven within and outside the universe, infinite and appalling, as if all we contained was not meant for a heaven, even if the bedding is nice. Forgive me, I didn’t know how not to be an enigma prowling about the house like a […]

John Trause’s Exercises in High Treason,
Reviewed by Francine Witte

John J. Trause Exercises in High Treason great weather for MEDIA ISBN 978-0-9857317-8-6 Reviewer: Francine Witte   The cover of John J. Trause’s new collection of poetry, Exercises in High Treason, tells you exactly what you are about to walk into. A casual glance at the cover shows a jumble of letters and words in […]

Gina Valdés – Omens

Omens A lizard drags its tail through a crack in the world to lie on my altar under a skylight among saints and buddhas. For days the gecko sits still and silent: a green monk revealing the way to lizardy heaven, while on the oaks, crows cry out— for us to decode— the names of […]