Amy MacLennan’s The Body, a Tree, Reviewed by Cindy Hochman

Amy MacLennan The Body, A Tree MoonPath Press ISBN: 978-1-936657-22-3 Reviewer: Cindy Hochman   For any reader who is at all spiritually inclined, the title The Body, A Tree, along with the ethereal artwork on the lovely cover, immediately summons the figure of the Bodhi tree, under which the Buddha found enlightenment. The sturdy branches […]

George Drew’s Pastoral Habits: New and Selected Poems, Reviewed by Richard Allen Taylor

George Drew Pastoral Habits: New and Selected Poems Texas Review Press ISBN: 978-1-680030792 Reviewer: Richard Allen Taylor   The opening poem in this collection, “The Drowning of Christopher French,” probably written in the mid-1980s, competes fiercely for the honor of best poem in the book. It sets the tone for the entire collection, and, as […]

Judson Evans – Palimpsest

Palimpsest I smell the time travel in your hair. The all fall down consternation catches in the zipper of your sweater. Call it chrysanthemum snow, a simultaneous Scranton unknown to you. Two guys walk into an alley where a prostitute has bitten her pimp so deeply they make someone call an ambulance. The afternoon light […]

Julie Wittes Schlack – Insourcing

Insourcing The warden’s most recent bid had come in lower than that of the Affiliated Garment Producers of Cambodia, so today the men of Apparel Unit 21 were producing robes for Buddhist monks. The irony of this situation wasn’t lost on Harrison as he stood in the sewing cell, watching hundreds of orange jump-suited men […]

Chris McCann – Business Trip

Business Trip I am the water in the storm drain. But not the water that pools in the darkness, nor the water that floods in from the street. No, I am the water as it plunges a second time after plummeting from the clouds. It is one of those heartsick situations where it seems possible […]