Sam Muller – I Think I Saw You

I Think I Saw You I think I saw you, Last night, Walking down the river path, You were carrying the umbrella I got you For your last birthday The one with dragonflies. And I wondered, Why carry an umbrella in the night? Why? When the sky is clear, And the only thing raining is […]

Soonest Nathaniel – Mystery of the Five Houses

Mystery of the Five Houses I At the house of light bulb, there is fog. The man with the child in his eyes has a cat which sits daily on his lap, gazing constantly at the big sky, searching curiously for Peter Pan. In the warm room, the Lord of the Reedy River sleeps. Under […]

Maren O. Mitchell – Camouflage Addict

Camouflage Addict Every six months since I was fifteen, I’ve assumed a different color hair. Born a brunette, I began with black, a statement to expand into everything or nothingness, each strand straight, thick and serious—the cut, blunt. My eyes darkened to match. I didn’t crack a smile. Next, charcoal grey, graphite that wrote itself […]

Joshua Michael Stewart’s Break Every String, Reviewed by Ace Boggess

Joshua Michael Stewart Break Every String Hedgerow Books of Levellers Press ISBN: 978-1-937146-92-4 Reviewer: Ace Boggess   A proper review of Joshua Michael Stewart’s book of poems, Break Every String, should begin not with the poems but with the book itself. The volume is visually stunning, its cover art by Bret Herholz depicting a shadowy […]

Gloria Mindock’s Whiteness of Bone, Reviewed by Lynn Levin

Gloria Mindock Whiteness of Bone Glass Lyre Press ISBN: 978-1-941783-19-1 Reviewer: Lynn Levin   Political poetry is necessary poetry, but it is also one of the most difficult types of poetry to write. The moral imperative that drives poems of outrage against man’s inhumanity to man often leads to work that explodes with fury and […]