Jennifer Crow – Across a Storm-Dark Sky

Across a Storm-Dark Sky You saw a dragon, etched like fire and arcing across a storm-dark sky. You saw a dragon, and your heart lurched in your chest, stumbled like a drunk, dipped and rose the way birds do, startled from their nests at sunrise. When you blinked, the shadow cast by its light seared […]

Sarah Shirley – Think Tank

Think Tank Come closer, don’t be shy, and here she is – what do you think? I know it’s strange, her floating there in all that liquid, hair fanning and swirling, but it keeps her fresh and ready. We grew her from a client who didn’t approve of the final dimensions so we made another […]

David Olsen – Petri Dish

Petri Dish Nutrients abound in a Petri dish. A few introduced microbes multiply by dividing. Thriving in ideal ambience, numbers rise by powers of two, spread across available space. Growth reaches the edge, but still organisms pile up, each stratum striving to survive, all individuals competing for dwindling resources. Meanwhile, excreted waste accumulates where there’s […]

John Reinhart – The Butterflies of Traxl IV

The Butterflies of Traxl IV Traxl IV – known primarily for its chlorinated sea breezes & an outcropping shaped naturally into the exquisitely perfect contours of the legendary Terran Butterfly, as near anyway to the common illustrations still found in children’s storybooks – once suffered a twist of economical fate no invisible hand could muster […]

Adele Gardner – Cold Sleep

Cold Sleep (Inspired by the photograph “Cold Storage” by Richard C. Isner, included in the collections of The Mariners’ Museum.) After hours, this gallery is silent as the snow In Isner’s photograph of winter boats – As your blue lips, your mustache stiff with frost. You would have been my husband, But you’re trapped, frozen […]