Chante Wolf – The Forgotten Girls

The Forgotten Girls the orphan children surrounded me clay prisoners of solitary their cracked fingers in my yellow hair gripped my hands as if they held their lost families’ photographs that laid broken by their tilted dressers the bravest touched my camera begged in broken English to release the body into her hands I let […]

Erin Wilson – A Darkness of Nectar

A Darkness of Nectar My macro lens seems right for the job. I am trying to determine what a sunflower is. “Sun” flower, a source of light? I go to move an inflorescence, one of the heads, and am made shy,           humble, by the weight of it. No matter where I focus, not enough. The […]

Chad Weeden – Freezer Burn

Freezer Burn           I pull in late. Ripe with the day’s brine. Shuffle up the steps. Melodies of traffic like wannabe ballads still drumming in my ears, stale as the aimless motion, always rushing to this from that, always something as we go: a hole in a bag, tidal waves, rifling for keys in the other […]

Eileen Tabios – Why I Am Rarely Nostalgic

Why I Am Rarely Nostalgic      —Bauang Beach, circa 1965 She knew she should know better I was barely older than a toddler I had played with her only daughter during those summer days of Innocence by a sapphire sea warmed by a gentle sun When it was time to leave she gently suggested I give […]

Rachel Stempel – He Was Born A Boy & That Should’ve Saved Him

He Was Born A Boy & That Should’ve Saved Him My hair is getting long meaning soon I’ll have the right answer. What we have over one another will matter never                         but now it may. It may. It’s May for us both. Rovno amber, your excuse for failed marriage, resurfaces when water breaks to corrode […]