Jessica Jacobs – Reciprocity

Reciprocity For I was mud and you were the face pressed to mine, making me in your image. When I was a furnacing fever, you were a dousing river. I, word-hunger and you, the book by heart. I, new blooming; you, pages of my pressed petals. And when I was ambition, you were the open […]

George Wallace – Money to Burn

Money to Burn No man is ever alone who possesses an appetite for unreality, a comfortable manner among strangers, & money to burn. Blessed is he who walks into a bar at the edge of oblivion handing out five dollar bills. For we shall call him a prince among men.         George […]

Jared Smith – Before the Storm

Before the Storm Two days out before the storm we began gathering candles from all those places one hides them, puts them away for when needed, old ones limned with the scent of mothballs, half melted Christmas candles, whatever we could find and matches, a bic lighter, an old iron lantern and yet wind blew […]

Patricia Smith – Oral Exam

Oral Exam He soft-circles his cave of mouth, pop prickle of beard there, threads you in, plays underside raw with tubed tongue, sucks febrile current from your slitted eye. A violence brusquely swaps toes and hairline, sapped muscle slant- rhymes my weather. Nervy knot, potentate of keen collapse, all and every is linked to your […]

Katerina Canyon’s Surviving Home, Reviewed by Jessica Drake-Thomas

Katerina Canyon Surviving Home Kelsay Books Reviewer: Jessica Drake-Thomas Katerina Canyon’s Surviving Home, explores familial relationships within black families, in particular the speaker’s toxic relationship with her father. “My father is a shark / with a hope chest / clenched between his teeth,” she writes in the title poem, “It holds my heart and brain […]