Piper Wilson – selective memory

selective memory there is a glass bottle in my throat and i put it there but now i cannot breathe or drink a cup of water; and in the bottle is a little slip of paper that i didn’t— don’t want to lose screaming is preferable to crying, but neither can be done with this […]

Sonia Greenfield – Elegy for the Rejected Birds

Elegy for the Rejected Birds Editors aren’t messing around with no birds now. —Luke Johnson In the arbor vita that divides my yard from the neighbors the gangs of house sparrows chatter all at once especially in the needling brightness of Minnesota winter and then all at once they go quiet as if they too […]

Megan Wildhood – Treatment

Treatment The providers, the corrugaters of grave clothes that served pills and sloppy joes and warning glares remind those discharging not to stop for gas in Gary, Indiana; ask if they want a list of alternative rest stops. The therapist who’d led his group for the year he was there hugged him and whispered I […]

melissa christine goodrum – & then we saw the daughter of the Minotaur

& then we saw the daughter of the Minotaur                               written for Leonara Carrington’s painting in the center a minty petalled tissue with a flower for a face eyes! two but small buddings meet & grow in a sculpted valley above the nose & under gill-like whiskers a plum robe drapes velveteen & obscures its most […]

Francesca Bell – After

After Once the body was wrenched whole from my body I deflated sank back into being ordinary a vessel returned purposeless to its shelf I hadn’t known until first the father and then the son swelled to fill my emptiness that I was a space a lack that walked through the world or danced or […]