Chryss Yost – Bluster

Bluster The wind makes of the old fence new percussion, gates clacking on their hinges, the hedges creak like springs in an old sofa. All the yard it turns out can make noise, the rocks finding their voice when loose branches clatter down. From inside this old bungalow, easy to imagine Tasmanian swirls of leaf, […]

Christopher Buckley – All the While

All the While                              The bare branches pointing to the place                              Where there’s time for everything                                                         —Amichai The sky’s a blank sheet but for the footnotes of cloud at the bottom, unreadable as ever …. I lived back there in a mid-century gray— from our street to the beach, from the tide-pools and fog- […]

Barbara Ungar – How to Age Gracefully

How to Age Gracefully                You may think sweater set, but you must never, ever wear one.                         —Kate Moss When you kvetch, your son says, Go out in the Adirondacks and get eaten by a wild animal. When X-rays show your bones vanishing, imagine your latter years in a wheelchair, brilliant as Stephen Hawking. Your son, […]

Brooke Lehmann – To the Woman in the Salt

To the Woman in the Salt Woman of your own armored body, stone of your heavy burdens. If I could, I would give you water from my hands and watch it dissolve your salt. Your thirsty lips pressed on my palm as if the heat of your mouth was the warmth of morning—where a stag […]

Melanie Faranello – Paper Tiger

Paper Tiger The therapist says your mother is A paper tiger— she has no power anymore. But all your younger selves still flinch, panic at her roar, refusing to believe how easy it would be to fold her into origami. Instead, these selves band together guarding each other, careful not to catch an edge, knowing […]