The Burn Zone

Under the bedspring skeletons where the cleanup crew looks for bodies, lies a metal arcade token, a coin, the kind you’d personalize with the names of you and your lover.

This is not a film.
This is the news, and that’s all
one couple has left.





Alisa-GoldenAlisa Golden has worked in a used book store, an art-supply store, and as an adjunct professor in the San Francisco Bay Area, fueling her ongoing writing, printmaking, and sewing compulsions. Her book art may be found in the special collections of libraries across the country, and her stories, poems, and essays have been published in Blink-Ink, Unlost Journal, Diagram, and Gone Lawn, among others. She is the founder and editor of the art and literary magazine Star 82 Review, and the author of Making Handmade Books.