Yīn Dào: An Etymology





Mao Zedong and the Communist Party took control of China in 1948,

bringing  revolution to China. And the simplification of the writing system.


vagina:  n.阴道, ,叶鞘

yīn dào: 1. vagina 2. cunt


i.   yīn


yīn is female, a door into shadow

yīn not yáng not sun not light not masculine

yīn darkness, negative

yīn moon.


ii. dào


dào is the way

dào path, road

dào truth, knowledge

dào Daoism


iii. 阴道 yīn dào


yīn dào shades knowledge

yīn dào negative way

yīn dào path of darkness

yīn dào vagina.


iv. 中国 zhōng guó


zhōng guó



warlords, bound feet

gender selective abortion.

Caleb Powell was born in Taiwan, and has also lived and worked in South Korea, Guam, Thailand, The United Arab Emirates, Denmark, Brazil, and Argentina. He is the author of The World is a Class, a reference guide drawing on his experiences overseas, and a novella, This Seething Ocean, That Damned Eagle. He has placed stories, essays, and a novel in the William Faulkner–William Wisdom Writing Competition, including the short-listing of a novel in 2007. Recent works of poetry, fiction, and nonfiction have been published or are forthcoming in descant, Drunken Boat, elimae, and others. “Love: An Etymology” and “Cao: An Etymology” are published, or will be soon, in decomP and Word Riot. For more information, visit calebpowell.wordpress.com.

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